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“We started with approximately 20 hotels and they've done a great job! They respond quickly to questions, and they've done an amazing job installing our panic button system in our hotels.”
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Terence Greenhall
IT Implementations, Remington Hotels

“Safety is primordial to us, it's critical for our staff. They are alone on the floor most of the time, so we want to make sure they can reach us in case of emergency. The system is very good and very accurate, it's working very well.”
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Dominique Marty
Divisional VP of Operations, Remington Hotels

"I recommend React Mobile to other hotels looking for employee alert device solutions. The main reason would be the fact that the implementation was very straightforward. I thought that React Mobile did a great job making the process seamless for the hotel side. Another reason I would recommend React Mobile is because of the technology. It has been great. It's very useful, it's functional, and dependable. Luckily we haven't had any real life uses for the solution, but in all the test runs we have done it has been spot on."
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Christopher Wingerberg
General Manager, The Lodge at Sonoma
"I would definitely recommend React Mobile to all businesses, because it keeps employees safe, it keeps us safe, and it keeps guests safe."

Ivan Juarez
Assistant General Manager, The Statler

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