LoRa Panic Button

The React Mobile LoRa Panic Button is an all in one solution capable of protecting employees without the need for a tethered smart device.

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Long Range Wide Area Network Connection 

This device does not require a cellular connection.

Durable Material

Constructed with a durable plastic casing and a comfortable silicone strap.

Battery Life

600mAh battery capacity. Use the LoRa button to easily monitor time and battery life.

OTA Firmware

Save time with field upgradeable firmware via OAD/OTA firmware updates.

The Gates Hotel Miami
The Wheelhouse Hotel Chicago
Acme Hotel Chicago

Upgrade Your Safety

Learn about how you can protect your employees.

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Simple, Wearable Device

The LoRa panic button device consists of a small slim form factor that can be easily worn on wrist, a lanyard or keychain.

Easy Integration

This device can easily integrate with existing gateways.

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Always Updated

The device runs on internally developed firmware updated over the air (OTA) for convenience.

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In my 20 years of HR this was one of the most seamless implementations I have ever been involved in. The device is simple, the training is simple. If you’re ever in an uncomfortable situation, you push a button.

- Mitch Langeler, Vice President of Talent and Culture at SMASHotels

At the Alexis Hotel, enhanced safety and security has always been a priority for us. The ability to quickly access emergency services through React Mobile's panic button as well as their integration with our Alexa devices will be a benefit to guests and employees alike.

- Jenne Oxford, General Manager at Kimpton's Alexis Hotel

React Mobile’s platform allowed us to reach a housekeeper having a medical emergency while cleaning a guest room. Their platform alerted our security staff with their exact room location, allowing us to reach them within minutes.

- Joel Moore, VP Hotel Operations, Thunder Valley Casino, CA

After evaluating many options, we selected React Mobile because it's the most advanced solution, easy to use and quick to implement. By investing in tools to protect our employees, we give them peace of mind that creates a secure, productive work environment.

- Ryan Doi, Corporate Director of Information Systems

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your People

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