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Make Today A Safer Place

Enabling Security Everywhere

That's our mantra. As a company we're committed to transforming the way people call for help in emergencies.

The hotel industry is improving the safety of hotel workers everywhere. When your reputation is on the line, we understand that finding the right solution to protect your employees can be overwhelming. You're looking to protect your employees and become compliant with the safety commitments of the major hotel brands or regulations imposed by union, city, or state mandates.

We're here to help make safety simple for you. We are passionate about making the world a safer place, and we've been implementing staff safety solutions for over a decade. With more hospitality deployments than any other vendor in the space, our customers include some of the largest brands and hotels in the world. We've been vetted by some of the most rigorous and exacting risk assessment processes by brands like Hilton, Wyndham, Caesars, Sands, and Accor. We guarantee that our safety platform will put you in compliance with legislation or your brand's standards wherever you are located.

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Origin Story - React Mobile CEO

Several years ago while attending university, I was the victim of an armed robbery and hostage situation that left a lasting impression on me.  Imagine how you would feel knowing you may lose your life and couldn’t call for help.  I am lucky to be alive today but my friends and family felt helpless when I shared what happened.  I soon learned that thousands of people every day are in a situation where they desperately need help but can’t call.  I made it my mission to solve this problem.  

I knew there had to be a better way to empower our friends, family, and those who care about the safety of the people they’re responsible for. React Mobile created a simple yet powerful personal safety platform that is transforming the way people call for help in emergencies and we’re making tomorrow a safer place.  We are already helping people all over the world.

It’s super simple too!  Learn how easy it is for you to make a difference in the lives of those you care about the most!

-Robb Monkman, Founder and CEO of React Mobile

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Leadership Team

We're committed to your safety and satisfaction. Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us. 

Executive Leadership
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Robb Monkman


Robb is the founder of React Mobile. He is the visionary for our team and sets the strategic direction for the company. Robb's passion for safety and commitment to helping others is the backbone of our organization.

Kirk Dickinson

Kirk Dickinson


Kirk keeps us in the black, carefully balancing our finances and making sure we're running like a well oiled machine. His experience in finance, governance and operations are a cornerstone of our company. 

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Zach Ryan


Zach heads up all aspects of our software and hardware development and manages our IT infrastructure. In his off time you'll find him with his family on their boat in the Puget Sound, or jogging with his German Shepherd.

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Brandon DeCuir

VP of Marketing

Brandon leads our marketing and strategic partnerships functions. He makes sure that we drive market penetration with our targets and build value through a robust partner network

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Ryan Heideman

VP of Sales

Ryan is a SaaS sales leader who geeks out on data-driven sales processes. He is a seasoned expert adept at working with clients and enjoys working in environments that challenge conventional sales process.

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Dennis Calixterio

Director of Operations

Dennis is a seasoned customer-focused installation pro. He knows how to tackle big projects with speed and efficiency and treats customers like friends. He always goes the extra mile to make sure we get it right.    

Tyson Paxton

Tyson Paxton

Director of Customer Success

Tyson leads the charge for our customer-facing teams running the coordination of all of our deployments as well as our ongoing customer success operations. 

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