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Protect your people during work with modern workplace safety platform.

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Silent Alarm

Silent alarms bring help without escalating the gravity of a nervous situation, which is appropriate for use in an enclosed area.

Verified Response

Our platform helps you understand when your alert is acknowledged by a responder.

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Instant Activation

Provides per-alert reporting to help property management respond to alerts fast.

Confidential Operation

We never track your position until you activate an alert, which also helps maintain privacy and conserve device battery life.


Know Exactly Where To Help

Our technology works both on and off your property. You can pinpoint the location of a distress call down to the specific floor and room number. If the person in distress moves throughout your property, the system will track them as they move providing updated room information in real-time. 

If an alert is triggered off your property, you will receive the exact GPS coordinates of the distress call and be provided Google Map tracking of the device. 

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Integrated Solution

Panic Button

Our Bluetooth Panic Button is designed to pair with company-issued mobile devices to provide an elegant safety solution for the mobile workforce that integrates with your existing software tools. Works together with our React Beacons to deliver precise room level location accuracy and during an active alert, it reports GPS coordinates for users working on and off property.  

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Indoor & Outdoor Usage

Cellular Panic Button

Simple wearable device that staff can access quickly and discreetly to call for help when assistance is needed. Unlike our Bluetooth® Panic Button, it does not need a paired mobile device and is instead capable of connecting directly to the available cellular network and during an active alert, it reports GPS coordinates for users working on and off property.

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Indoor & Outdoor Usage

LoRa Panic Button

The React Mobile Long Range Wide Area Network (LORAWAN or LoRa) Panic Button is an all in one solution capable of protecting
employees both on and off property without the need for a tethered smart device. 

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Small & Discreet

React Beacon

When a device activates an alert, the device identifies the closest React Beacon and reports the precise room number location information along with GPS coordinates to our safety platform. This information updates in real time throughout an alert, providing up to the minute location information.

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react mobile beacon


A cost-effective option, our devices can connect with your existing hardware or software technology to be used as a source for geo-location data during an emergency. 

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React Mobile App

Used in conjunction with our Bluetooth® Panic Button to provide workers a seamless safety solution capable of integrating with company issued smart devices and workday management software.

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Client Portal & Responder App

A cloud based web portal that can be accessed to view, manage, and configure alerts and panic button hardware in any web browser. It serves as the central administrative control for the React Mobile Workplace Safety Platform. Includes an app that functions as a mobile notification system that assists with information on who and where to go to resolve the emergency.

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It's Time To Be The Hero

Let's work together to create a safer workplace.

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