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Don't Panic

We've Got You Covered

We know that finding the right safety solution is overwhelming.

We're here to help.

We are the market leading hospitality safety platform.

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From small boutiques to some of the largest hotel properties in the world we help hotels and resorts of all sizes protect their employees.


Get help exactly where you need it.

Our technology works both on and off your property. We allow you to pinpoint the location of a distress call down to the specific floor and room number. If the person in distress moves throughout your property our system will track them as they move providing updated room information in real time. 

If an alert is triggered off your property we give you the exact GPS coordinates of the distress call and provide Google map tracking of the device. 

Choose the option that is best for you

We have three tiers of service that can be customized to fit your exact needs.


Our first level of service provides you with a panic button that integrates through our hospitality mobile app directly into your hospitality management solutions (such as Amadeus) to provide you with location based alerts in the event of an emergency. 

React Mobile Panic Button Emergency Location Based Notification


Our second level of service layers in bluetooth beacons throughout your property which give precise room level location accuracy through our robust Location Based Services (LBS).

React Mobile App Sidekick Panic Button Beacon Better Solution


Our ultimate level of service involves the convergence of front of the house and back of the house to provide not only employee safety but also operational excellence and additional revenue opportunities. 

React Mobile Best Solution Front House and Back House

No Smart Phone? No Problem

Our stand alone LTE panic button works without the need for a paired smart device. It is a super simple solution that allows you to get precise location based alerts both on and off property. 

Cellular LTE Panic Button Device for Employee Safety

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