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We know that every hotel is a little bit different, that's why we tailor our solutions to fit the property


Simple and straightforward – Our safety platform will immediately notify your response team that there is an alert on property and integrate with your existing housekeeping software to identify the employee’s name and where they were last.

  • Location by GPS or Integration
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Our panic buttons will pinpoint your employee’s location based on your existing iBeacon infrastructure, often found in thermostats and Wi-Fi access points.

  • Location by iBeacon
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Do you have multiple hotel properties? We can do volume discounts. Do you need a personalized plan? No worries we can make adjustments for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In my 20 years of HR this was one of the most seamless implementations I have ever been involved in. The device is simple, the training is simple. If you're ever in an uncomfortable situation, you push a button.

Mitch Testimonial Headshot
Mitch Langeler, Vice President of Talent and Culture at SMASHotels

React Mobile's platform allowed us to reach a housekeeper having a medical emergency while cleaning a guest room. Their platform alerted our security staff with their exact room location, allowing us to reach them within minutes.

Joel Testimonial Headshot
Joel Moore, VP of Hotel Operations, Thunder Valley Casino, CA

“At the Alexis Hotel, enhanced safety and security has always been a priority for us. The ability to quickly access emergency services through React Mobile's panic button will be a benefit to guests and employees alike."

Jenne Testimonial Headshot
Jenne Oxford, General Manager at Kimpton's Alexis Hotel