Purchase Terms

React Mobile Order form for "Safety Platform" 

This order ("Order'') for a license to use the "Safety Platform" subscription products described below and/or to purchase professional services is executed by and between React Mobile, Inc., a Delaware corporation, (“React”) and the entity listed ("Subscriber'').

Subscriber's use of the React Mobile smartphone application, React Mobile Dispatch Center, React Mobile Application Programming Interfaces (API's), beacon technology, and related online application(s) (the "Safety Platform Application(s)") is governed by the terms and conditions of this Order and the React Mobile Terms available at http://reactmobile.com/terms-and-conditions/. This Order, along with the incorporated React Mobile Terms, forms the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements, representations and understandings related to the Safety Platform Applications. Should there be a conflict between the terms of this Order and the terms of the React Mobile Terms, the terms of this Order shall supersede those of the React Mobile Terms. 


Beacon quantities for hardware and monthly subscription rate are estimates based on standard coverage. Final quantities will be adjusted to the actual quantities installed to achieve customer’s desired coverage.


Installation days are estimates based on standard installation environments and equipment. Sidekick and Hospitality Platform installation requires customer devices properly configured with the React mobile app and may increase if devices are not properly configured. Beacon installation requires access to guest rooms and may increase if access is restricted or not available. Installation includes equipment provisioning that may be performed prior to onsite delivery. Not all installation days will be onsite. Subscriber agrees to provide lodging for installation personnel for onsite installation days.

Subscription Term

An initial subscription term of one (1) year (“Initial Subscription Term”) will commence upon Subscriber's first access to the React Application(s). Thereafter, the subscription term will automatically renew for one (1) year terms (“Renewal Term”) subject to the payment of the renewal invoice for of the applicable Renewal Term. 

Purchase Orders

If Subscriber issues a purchase order in connection with this Order, such purchase order operates as an acceptance of the Order and shall be of no other force or effect; the terms and conditions in any purchase order or other document issued by Subscriber are objected to and shall not supersede the terms of the Order. 

Payment Method

All Fees paid to React shall be paid by check drawn on a U.S. bank or wire transfer. For all wires please contact your sales representative for details. 

Check Payments:

React Mobile, Inc., 720 Seneca St #308, Seattle, WA 98101 USA. Reference: Invoice number. 


Any sales, use, VAT or other taxes or duties related to amounts paid pursuant to this Order will be added to the applicable invoices and paid by Customer. 

Cancellation Policy

Except as required to resolve warranty claims this Order is non-cancellable and all fees are non-refundable. Subscriber may terminate the Subscription Term for any React Mobile Application at any time during the Subscription Term by providing React Mobile with written notice of termination and payment of all Subscription Fees for the balance of the then current Initial Subscription Term or Renewal Term (if not already paid). 

Full React Mobile Terms and Conditions can be found at https://www.reactmobile.com/terms-and-conditions