Case Study - Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile 


About Sofitel Chicago

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is a 415-room architectural wonder. The 32 story glass prism structure sits on a square piece of land, its unexpected silhouette beautifully captures light and plays with space. The award-winning architecture captures both the eye and the imagination, taking style and the French art de vivre to new all heights. 

Sofitel Chicago Guest Room

415 Rooms Covered

30+ Housekeepers Protected

1-Day Installation

The Challenge

On July 1st of 2018, Chicago's Hotel Workers Sexual Harassment Ordinance went into effect. This mandate outlined stricter protections for employees in the hospitality industry. Specifically, the requirement of hotels to provide employees with panic buttons so they may instantly summon help to their location.  

In order for a panic button to comply with the Chicago Ordinance, the device must have following attributes or capabilities:
• The panic button must be portable, and easily carried and activated by the employee;
• The panic button must summon prompt assistance from appropriate persons designated by the hotel employer when activated;
• The panic button must not require continued activation by the employee to sustain the alert (e.g. simple whistles, walkie-talkies, mugger buttons or other non-GPS supported notification devices are not panic buttons within the meaning of Chicago’s Ordinance);
• The panic button must have GPS capabilities and be able to identify the exact location of the employee in real time.

The deadline for hotels to be in full compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance was 11:59 p.m. on June 30th, 2018.

The Solution

With the date for compliance to Chicago's Hotel Workers Ordinance approaching, Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile wanted to find a safety solution that would meet the mandated guidelines to keep their employees safe.

React Mobile provided three solution options that would meet this need. The options were guaranteed to be in compliance with local legislation at the time of implementation. 

  1. Using the Bluetooth Panic Buttons + Beacons + Hospitality App, or
  2. Using the Bluetooth Panic Buttons + HotSOS Housekeeping Integration + Hospitality App
  3. Using the Cellular LTE Panic Buttons + Beacons

The customer was asked to fill out a “Property Requirements Checklist” with their staff to help coordinate logistics and minimize guest disruption during the installation. They also independently developed an on-site policy to address the new cultural changes.

React Mobile was able to leverage some of the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile's existing technology, and save the hotel from unnecessary costs. As housekeepers at the property were already issued smart devices while on shifts, the solution included using React Mobile Bluetooth Panic Button +  HotSOS Housekeeping Integration + Hospitality App option was selected.

React Mobile Bluetooth Panic Buttons

Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping App (pre-installed)
React Mobile Hospitality App
React Mobile Dispatch Center Cloud-Based Platform

The Result

The React Mobile Safety Solution allowed the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile to protect their housekeepers and comply with the local mandates. The simple-to-install and easy-to-use technology exceeds the local ordinance requirements with real-time alerts and location-based tracking. By implementing the React Mobile Solution, Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile has set themselves apart as an industry leader in the employee safety.   

  • 100% of Rooms Covered (Total of 415-rooms).
  • 30+ Housekeepers protected at any given time.
  • Completed installation in 1 day. 
React Mobile was quick to present a solution that fit Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile’s needs and budget. They have remained a vital part of our plan to keep our ambassadors safe while on the job. We value this partnership as one of the most important in operating a safe and successful workplace.

Stephano Baik

Director of Housekeeping & Engineering at
Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile