Job Opening

Software Engineer - Android

About the Position

Our Software Engineers collaborate in tightly knit teams to design and develop software solutions to bring our clients’ projects to life. As consultants, everyone on the team works closely with each other as well as with our client’s stakeholders to deliver solutions to their business needs on time and on budget.

The Android Engineer position involves building a Kotlin application while collaborating closely with UX designers, API engineers and Web App engineers to ensure a seamless user experience.

Your Opportunities

  • Make the world a safer place for hospitality workers by getting help when and where they need it
  • Have a pivotal role in scaling a software engineering organization with a team that emphasizes peer review and collaboration
  • Work with and lead teams of experienced engineers, designers and product specialists
  • Work on a wide range of projects, languages and platforms to ensure we are continuously learning and staying at the forefront of technology

Your Contribution:

As a software engineer you are accountable for the following:

  • Collaborate to translate our goals into technical requirements
  • Collaborate to design and propose multiple solutions to our business goals
  • Plan, pair and produce high quality source code and related assets with a razor sharp focus on delivering concise solutions
  • Co-develop robust, automated test-suites throughout the project’s development
  • Leverage your tenacity, creativity, and the diverse expertise of your team to efficiently solve the never-ending stream of technical challenges that are the hallmark of software development
  • Prepare technical documents and handbooks to accurately represent application design and code
  • Communicate complex engineering concepts, challenges and tradeoffs effectively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

As a Software Engineer in the Android Engineer position, you are expected to be able to:

  • Initialize an Android project with CI/CD, Automated Testing and a standard suite of developer tools
  • Effectively translate UX designs into accurate and efficient platform specific representations
  • Collaborate with UX designers to maximize the team’s ability to efficiently build an exceptional user experience given the limitations of real-world software platforms
  • Organize and build reusable UI components based on UX designs
  • Contribute, collaborate and co-develop back-end solutions

Your Experience

Required experience:

  • 3+ years as an Application Developer
  • Professional Android development

Preferred experience:

  • Professional Kotlin development
  • Professional iOS development
  • Active technology consulting to discover effective client solutions
  • Prioritizing, tracking, and managing tasks with issue trackers (e.g. PivotalTracker, JIRA, or Azure DevOps)
  • Understanding and making complex CS and Software Engineering trade offs taught in a computer science degree or equivalent (e.g. modular design, algorithms, data structures and Big-O)

Bonus experience:

  • Development in diverse programming languages (e.g. JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Elixir, C#, Java or Swift)
  • Development in diverse software platforms (e.g. ReactJS, Phoenix, Flask, iOS, Android or Angular)
  • Collaborating or actively participating in product or UX design to achieve the best outcome

Your Skills:

  • A positive, constructive, can-do attitude in tackling any problem in software development
  • A critical eye for quality, detail, and aesthetic in software development
  • Passion for technology and a high awareness of industry context and ongoing evolution of relevant technology
  • Enthusiasm for learning, collaboration and mentorship.
  • Active relationship building to contribute to a flourishing, positive teamwork environment
  • Ego-free collaboration fluidly balancing responsibility for your personal contribution, asking for help and actively collaborating on solutions


React Mobile is committed to equal opportunity employment. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, familial status, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability for which a reasonable accommodation can be made or any other status protected by law. Assistance will be gladly provided upon request for any applicant with sensory or non-sensory disabilities.

To apply for the position, please send your resume to: